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Tantric Massage is a nurturing and healing meditation between two lovers to share erotic pleasures combined with sensual, powerful, intimate connection. It helps the two beloved ones to receive a mutual satisfaction and to enrich their pleasant experience with new sensations. Tantra Massage with its calming influence reveals hidden sexuality, relaxes bodies and minds, purifies souls.  

Try the best Tantric Massage in Zurich. A luxury and exceptional treatment with an intimate comfort at your Hotel. Finding a good masseuse who would fit to your personal needs can be a real challenge even nowadays. And if you mix it with natural pure sensation of caring intimacy, mutual chemistry and genuine sexuality it can be a real treasure. Get spoiled by Ambra Jolie – a highly-skilled seductress and the best choice in Zurich and Switzerland. Complete relax, insatiable passion and organic seduction.

Body To Body Massage Zürich****

If you are experiencing a time of increased tension or pressure in your daily life or at work, you urgently need a space of mental, physical and spiritual relaxation. 

A sensual body to body massage is inspired by the traditional Thai massage, this treatment is performed with the whole body, with gentle and enveloping movements. The person receiving the massage will initially be lying in the prone position, and your High Class Tantric Masseuse will begin to massage the back, legs and buttocks, with warm almond oil, once the massage in the prone position, the person will be turned and the treatment will continue in the supine position.
Soft music, candles and incense are the background to this massage that does not neglect any part of the body.

The best mobile massage choice in Zürich.  

Soapy Massage Zürich****

Is made immerse into a hydromassage tub, this can enhances the sensations of warm intensity that will completely envelop your body and soul, taking your tantric journey to a new level of pleasure. The goal of any erotic massage is to relieve physical and mental tension and stress through arousal and subsequent relief. This can be linked to a vigorous orgasm.
A perfect experience from the contact with the completely naked body of your High Class Masseuse Ambra Jolie will be brought to you by a sensual soap massage. Thanks to the rich foam emulsion, which I will apply on your body, you will enjoy an unexpectedly electrifying erotic show.


You will see in the mirror how the foam covers and lets you see the various parts of the my body while I give you a massage. This body to body technique allow me to change the intensity, according to your wishes, not only by working with my body weight but mainly by actively connecting my breasts, abdomen and buttocks.
The Soapy Massage is a treatment limited only to the time you choose.

Prices Massages:

  • Soapy Massage Upon Request! Minimum 90 minutes: 400CHF/EURO/POUND
  • 60 minutes Incall: 200 CHF/EURO/POUND. Outcall 300 CHF/EURO/POUND
  • 90 minutes Incall: 300 CHF/EURO/POUND. Outcall: 400 CHF/EURO/POUND
  • 2 hours Incall: 400 CHF/EURO/POUND. Outcall: 500 CHF/EURO/POUND
  • Extra hour Incall: 150 CHF/EURO/POUND. Outcall: 200 CHF/EURO/POUND

**** Erotic massage do not include sex.****

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