How Men Always Find Time for Their Pleasures

Written by Ambra Jolie

Our most valuable resources are time and money. So how men always find time for their pleasures?

Time flies so fast lately. And 50% of men’s approach to including pleasures in their busy lives is opportunistic. The other 50% have very consciously schedule pleasures. Where opportunity doesn’t work planning always will. We make time for what we want to make for. Pleasure is as important in our lives as is work, food, health. Men who don’t see this fact therefore don’t see it at their peril.

And I will write this article exactly for these men. They’ll typically say “I’ll let you know”, “I’ll see what I can do”, or “I’ll try” to schedule pleasures into my life. But this strategy clearly doesn’t and will never work.

I’ll present here the best strategies to find time for their pleasures:  

  1. First one: find time enough ahead in the calendar that there isn’t anything else around it yet
  2. Second: Commit to it and treat it as booked solid no matter what comes up near it
  3. Third: think of it the same way as you’d think of a regular doctors appointment.

The clearly benefits of it are:

  1. They will have time and no excuses to prepare for it 
  2. They’ll have something and someone to look forward to
  3. Good times will certainly give them motivation to work, be good people, and do well
  4. …and remind always that life is beautiful and give us energy to look forward to. 

If you find it successful and are you willing to try it, you can apply it to other aspects of life and offer it to people who are always having issues with timekeeping. Or are you one of the men who always make enough time for their pleasures? What can you add to this article? Go ahead, Inspire me! I’m willing to.