How to be safe and successful into Escort Industry?

Written by Ambra Jolie

You may be an experienced luxury escort or just a newbie but the most important thing in running a successful escort business is making sure that you are protected and safe. Risks are the same, you need to know a set of structures that can help protect you and allow you to give your service without fear. 

Protect your identity

There are dangerous clients who can stalk you, and even blackmail you among other things. You also want to conceal your real identity from your real life circles especially if you also have another job somewhere or you do not want your community knowing how you make that extra cash.

The basis of concealing your identity lies in picking the right name and creating a background story for it, you do not need to be extra creative when doing this as too much exaggeration can repel some potential clients. Try to make the new client relatable and appear as real as possible.


Another thing many escorts take for granted is safe advertising. There are some malicious websites that can leak your personal information, direct you to bad clients or even scam you. When you promoting yourself you need to stick to well managed authentic and verified advertising platforms like  Escortforum, Slixa.


Most bad clients can be avoided by carefully screening from the very first contact. When a client calls you or emails you your vetting and selection process begins, try to get as much information about the client as you can without spooking them. You can use the information to check them out.

Meeting  clients

When you finally book a client and need to meet them you have to exercise the highest of caution. First and foremost if it’s a new client always meet them at a public place of your choice, do not let a client tell you where to meet. It has to be somewhere where you are comfortable and can easily get help in the event something happens. Places like hotels, cafeterias, bars and social zones are much safer for first meeting with clients.


Most escorts who face problems with clients its usually down to service payments. To ensure escort safety you have to have a solid and safe payment plan. Since most clients prefer to pay in cash to protect themselves, you also have to take the payment in advance to protect yourself. If you let your clients know well in advance that payment comes first then you will have few problems with clients who refuse to pay.

Safe exits

Another helpful escort safety tip is to check out the place where you intend to meet with your client before the appointment. Look around and see what escape routes and structures you can use in the event that something goes wrong and you have to make a break for it.

And remember, never go forward your own limits!