What is Tantra?

Is an ancient ecstatic spiritual practice. Conceived in reaction to a monastic system which eschewed worldly experience and sensual pleasure, Tantra rather embraces sensate experience as a means to Divine Union. In this sense, Tantra is a love-making with all that we know in order to know that which is less tangible.

Tantra is not a religion. It has no dogma, no prescriptions. There are no authorities, no authors, no rules, no retributions. Tantra is about allowing yourself to feel what already is. Tantra is about letting go.

If you have ever loved someone, if you have ever been passionately in love, you can remember that feeling of deep connection, the melting swoon of conjoining. Tantra enables us to have that feeling in relation to all of life.

It is a tall order to feel passionate love for all of existence. It is not something easily achieved. That is why we come together: to practice the feeling of love.

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Body to Body, Acqua, Black Tantra, Double pleasure…

1 hour £300.00 €250.00
90 minutes £400.00 €350.00
2 hours £500.00 €450.00

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Please Note

My donations are Non Negotiable.

I do not do any last minute or 30 minute meetings.

Tantric massages are only and exclusively massages.