Top Reasons Men Visit Escorts

Written by Ambra Jolie

Let’s face it, there is a thousands of reasons why a man would want to go with an Escort, the ones above are just a couple silly ones that I thought of but on a more serious note and still somewhat funny, here are my top reasons men choose to visit Escorts.

So let’s go:

Much Less Drama

Shall we just be honest? Girlfriends and wives come with a lot of responsibility. Maybe you did something wrong one time in the past and she never forget it and now she holds it over your head. Or, maybe you’re completely innocent but she always accuses you of cheating anyway? 

Yeah my friends, with Escorts you don’t have to worry about that. They don’t care if you have a woman, they don’t care if you have kids, and they don’t care really about any of your previous relationships. They are not paid for that. 

Busy Schedules

Sometimes guys are just too busy for relationships. They’re constantly on the go with either long hours at work or maybe they travel a lot and that just puts a damper on trying to do the whole courting a lady type thing. They want to get their jollies sated and be able to go without all the whining and crying of ‘When will I see you again, baby?!” Escorts aren’t clingy, they understand that time is money.


This one here is not something that men have to worry about with the Escorts. The women know what they are getting into, they know what they are getting paid for and the man doesn’t have to worry about going in for a kiss on her beautiful lips and getting her hand instead. She will treat him that he is royalty, like he is the sex God Eros himself. 

In the end there are probably a million reasons why a man would choose an Escort but I thought these would be amusing and funny. So I hope you’ve had enjoyed!